Regret is when you don’t do what you wished you had

When you don’t speak out for those who can’t

When you let what could have been


Out of your fingertips

Because you were afraid

Regret is when year after year

You wonder

What IF?

But it’s too late

It will always be too late

It was too late the moment

That you said the words

“Please Don’t Come”

So you will never know

What could have been

If you had just risked

It all

Your heart

Your soul

Your dream

You will never know

If the love you felt was not just a fantasy in your head

If it would have been

And you would have been


For him to stay

You will never know

Because you told him

Not to come that day

Because in your mind

He would come

And go

And you would be broken

As you continue to be